The Many Uses of the Sandstone Blocks in the Gold Coast

The Sandstone blocks Gold Coast has are generally similar to bricks with regards to shape. However the key difference lies in the material used to make them and their sizes. Unlike the traditional bricks that are made from clay, sandstone blocks are made from sedimentary rocks that are usually about 10 to 20 times the size of a normal brick. Sand stone is made up of quartz or feldspar that is main mineral found in the earth crust.

Go Sandstone Solutions -Modern-day sandstone blocks Gold Coast supplies are readily available in a wide variety of colors. The most prevalent colors are white, grey, cream white, yellow, pink, red, and tan. Naturally occurring sandstone blocks are usually very big and with an asymmetrical shape. In such as state, they are not suitable for any use. Therefore, these blocks must be cut, carved and then polished to give them the much familiar look for them to be used in the desired applications.

Sandstone block in Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is considered as one of the most densely populated area in Queensland State, Australia. It is ranked as being the sixth most populous city in the whole of Australia. Most people are attracted to the Gold Coast because of its perfect location. The city is considered as a perfect tourist destination. It consists of idyllic subtropical climate, canal systems, amazing beaches, parks and excellent clubs. The people of the Gold Coast use a lot of sandstone to maintain all these. This is mainly because sandstone gives this classy and very natural appearance whenever it is used. The abundant Gold Coast sandstone blocks used,gives this City the feel of being in a natural environment.

Main uses of sandstone in Gold Coast

Sandstone Walls

Sandstone is mainly used for building walls. This is because of its fine grain, compactness, hardness, low absorption properties and good compressive strength. Bricks, slabs and blocks of sandstone are usually used for wall building.


Sandstone blocks in Gold Coast are also used in building the foundation for both commercial and residential buildings. It is mainly preferred because of its low absorption properties, excellent compressive strength and hardness.


Sandstone slabs and tiles are used in making floors. The sandstone flooring is mainly preferred over other forms of flooring because it offers the advantage of different finishes and colors on the flooring.


Pavements made from sandstone are considered to be long lasting and durable. Paving is usually done using Sandstone Strips, Sandstone Bricks, Sandstone Chips and Sandstone Tiles. Sandstone paving is generally used for both externally and internally and in both residential and commercial complexes.


Sandstone is a magnificent natural stone that has varying textures, patterns, tones and colors. Therefore, it is an excellent addition for any building or garden landscape. The natural tones of sandstone blend perfectly with the environment and at the same time create such a beautiful, striking contrast. Sandstone is preferred for landscaping because of its weather proof property, long lasting performance, rugged and aesthetic natural look and its availability in a wide range of textures and colors.

There are many areas where you can find sandstone blocks Gold Coastresidents love. This is because sandstones are exported to all over Australia and even to overseas countries. You can choose from a variety of colors and different quality grades such as A grade or B grade.


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